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A rubbish post! 28mm terrain

Okay, I'm hooked!

Oi! Who parked that there!

More terrain, and it looks like I'm building a rather trashed retail park, as my latest purchase is a Drive Through, that looks like it's been driven through!!

How many extra bits do you get, loads!

It even comes with a burnt out air conditioner unit.

You can get right through it.

Love the boarded up windows.

 It even comes with two rather dilapidated drums (probably cooking oil, but who knows).

And I forgot this, a burned out rubbish bin!

 I also bought the play park set as there is nothing more depressing than a set deserted swings down the Rec.

Unless it's swings inhabited by disaffected zombie yoofs!
Decided to add a few more bits from TTCombats street furniture range, all 28mm. Really nice builders pre-fab office and three shipping containers. Dead easy to assemble and very effective painted.
They will be used next Thursday. :)

Mucky, abandoned, hopefully, and maybe conatining useful items, a builders office.

The ubiquitous containers, handy cover and full of loot, we hope!

I tried to give the impression of door markings.

A few more bits of 28mm terrain, ready for tonight's fight!
TTCombat ruins gas station, really enjoyed building and painting. The internal floor needs work, but I needed it for tonight's game.
Hans Gruber for scale, it's a BIG kit!

I reckon someone tried to take out a zombie, hit an oxy-acetaline tank and that sparked off a fuel pump. Fun working out where the flames would have gone.

Two more skips, both by TT Combat

Vending machine comes for free!

Zombie proof fencing, or not?

 Anyway, see how these help in the game tonight, be nice to see how they go!

Turns out that Product For Wargames houses are meant to have a chmney and a doorstep, along with window and door frames!
Ca la vie!
Here it is.

 somewhat of an improvement.

Products For Wargames House

Many moons ago, Pendraken ran a kickstarter for Militia Miniatures Modern figures (via Minibits), finally got round to painting the first parts, some add on ramage and guff which make supply counters for Last Days.

Figures painted soon...

Hi all,
Ended up (at the last minute) helping out Timecast at Salute yesterday, so, in my five minutes break, I popped to Blotz and 4Ground, looking for some 28mm terrain for Last Days:Apocalypse on Thursday.
This is what I found (Yes, apart from Choozen Noodles on the way home, that was the limit of my spends for the day):
 A skip and a dumpster, well why not! Cover is cover...

Assembly stage, very easy to build, clear in structions and went together well:
Almost happy with these as they are, certainly for the dumpster.

But that's not me...
I tried not to make them prestine, as I figured if they are indistrial and post-apocalyptic, no one will have cleaned them!

 Suitably trashed trash!
The lid does open and close, which is a nice feature and comes with a prop. More to come I hope.


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