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Cañari by Lurkio/Little Corporal


Well, you know I won the MeG competition at Warfare (I might have have mentioned it). My prize was a boxed army of Lurkio Cañari warriors. About 95 quids worth (enough for 60 bases of spears, 18 bases of skirmishers and 3 generals). Not too shabby! Quick email to Little Corporal and a few reinforcements are under the brush no too!

Cañari are a tribe from Ecador. They were opposed to the Inca expansion, and ultimately lost, but were considered the best fighter in the area. They were crushed by the Inca during the aftermath of the Incan Civil War and their population scattered across the Incan Empire. The modern Cañari province takes their name and a population still exists, even if their language is dieing.
Except they are mostly unarmoured and have spears! Dirt cheap and nasty. This is going to be hilarious...

Canari archers finally painted up to use next weekend


Three units of skirmishers ready to go

Top down

Back view

Except I painted them in the wrong basing scheme originally, so had to redo them!

Especially as I'm using them next weekend!
So I got painting, 7 days later.
Three extra skirmishers and two more units and a general completed.

The general.

They went that-a-way

Look, I told you, it's over there!

Ready to boss around.

Two extra stands to get green units to full strength.

I mean, does this army needs MORE spears?

Decent figures, averagely painted!


Next unit of whites.

Fleet of foot long spear, but unprotected? It's an interesting mix...

Off they go!

One even has looted Inca kit!

Top down


Two extra protected stands to get blue unit up to strength as an 8 stand unit.

Looking good guys!


Elite super unit, The Pink Guard

Ready to defend the camp and honour of the army.

Oh, all right, they're poor and unprotected!

Back to the skirmishers, only 6 units now out of the (new) potential of 9. Third unit of slingers. These have proved themselves invaluable so far, see how they do at the weekend?

Have proved themselves invaluable so far, see how they do at the weekend?


Top down view

And two more sets of atlatl spear throwers (acting as archers at the moment to to a slight list oops we spotted)

Will get some 'proper' archers to replaces/suppliment them soon.

I think I'm going to have silly fun with this lot!

I mean, a volley of pointy stick = awesome?


Decent troops, maybe not, decent laugh, definitely!

Almost the whole army.

Legendary general?

Average, normal, everyday troopers. There will be a LOT of these!

Two units of six bases and an eight an base unit

Off they trot

Rear view

Protected troops (short a couple of bases which are on the block now)

Crowd shot

Green feathers and headband designates their unit

Going that way

Guard infantry

Heading off

Top view

Rear view, headbands in red to show who they are

Two units of slingers and bolas armed skirmishers

Feather crowns

Ready to unleash

First of three Atlatl spear throwers

Lumps and bumps to break up the ground, they can fight in jungle or mountains...

Quite like these



Head honchos!

They went that-a-way!

My normal view

To the left

Baggage (mobile, with Llamas)

Inca raods off we go!


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