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15mm By The Fire and Sword Transylvanians commission.

Principality of Transylvania (those ones, not those ones, get your mind out the gutter).

Batch 4:- Ten more bases of Transylvanians (so thirty figures) for Manny, this time Comitatus or heavy household troops.

Heavy lancers. A lot more colourful than the light horse.

As ever, Manny will do his own basing and add flags later.

Lots of cloaks

Quite a sizable force

Batch 3: 30 extra Transylvanian light horse for Manny

Not as bright as others, but these are lower order troops.


Lots of hairy cavalry

As ever, Manny will base these himself.

That way lads!

Player's eye view

At the trot

The force, so far (there's still have a bag of blisters to do)

Batch 2: As ever, Manny will add the flags and his own basing at his leisure.
12 bases of household levy lancers (36 figures, not sure how many units that equates to) for the 15mm Transylvanians.

Only realised when I started processing the images that there was always one lance off background!  :'(

They do look pretty cool en masse though!

Top down view

Lances certainly make a point (I'll get me coat). Once they have flags they will look really impressivve I bet!

Player's eye view, the lances comme with a drilled through ball bearing to make the guard, a clever idea, but just don't drop them, they go EVERYWHERE!   ~X(

Not sure how much of a By Fire and Sword force this is, but it's scary!

15mm Renaissaince (By The Fire And Sword) miniatures, this is the starter 'skirmish' set. There are another 19 blisters and command box to do.


Top down

Shooty horsey types

Lots of fur

Clip clop

Dismounted version

Skirmish screen


Variety of poses

Light household troops

Main difference is a few have bows

Scouty types I guess

Off we go!

Heavy household troops - lancers

These were really fun to paint.

They could hurt!

Uniformed - almost

Don't sit in that!


Can you guess where the banner goes?

Tried to tie them into the heavy cavlary theme

There's a lot more to add


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