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Renaissance 15mm Fire and Sword figures Commission for ReG.

 Starting with the army Manny wants to use for a ReG (MeG's Renaissance spin off) event later in the year. He will add the basing himself later.

Catholic Imperialists  

First of Manny's armies finished (he will add flags/basing for himself), there are another three armies to do after this!

All four infantry units

Eighty figures, not too shabby.

Red unit

Decided to add spare foot command figures to bulk out the pikes

Three shot, four pikes per base feels okay.

Almost, but not quite, uniformed

Green unit

But they are mostly grey?

Enough green to see they belong together

It'll never work!

Especially when the next unit is mostly greys

But even the greys have four different shades

Looking good from the back

The blues, who are the most uniformed, based on the two black stands which Manny had already started

Another officer on a horse

Top view

En masse

Looking good, if a little clean

All four infantry units

Eighty figures

Mounted cavalry officers, again, awaiting flags

Once based and flaged, these will look great.

Although a nice frosty theme might go well too

Senior generals

I've no idea about the cloak on the rear geeral, it just looked goos at the time!

Three mounted and one foot character on each base was fun getting a reasonable composition,


14 more bases of Cuirassiers for Manny done.

He will base and add standards later

Top down

The troopers

Side on

T'other side

Command stands


Almost universal uniforms

And two stands of skirmishers that got missed


A heavy artillery piece (again not based, but the winter look suits it, might suggest Manny bases up the army like this!!

Cettainly comes with a lot of equipment!


They are all in the wrong places for their jobs!


Schutzen - made from dismounted dragoons

Why one black base? Becasue I undercoated those figures seperately!

Top view

These are loose/open flexible troops, so you get the option of skirmishers or loose

Not QUITE sure the guys at the top are aiming properly...

Back view

HArquibusiers, made from spare mounted dragoons...

ReG uses units of four bases, so two spares

Top down


Third unit of cuirassiers

On the charge

Top view

Back view

Light guns battery

Guns are not glued down so might move around between shots.

Little bang!

Add some shooty noises of your own...

It's quite a list, so starting with two units of dragoons, I went with an irregular feeling for these.Blurry top view.

Dragoons (and added dog hair)

Side on

Player's eye view


Firts two units of elite armoured cuirassiers, Imperial colours were grey with a few other colours added in.

Heavy metal pistolliers

Top down

Off we jolly well go...

Players view, or legging it?

A general, generally...

Looks okay

Here we go!


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