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Fantasy Egyptians in 10mm

First force of lockdown an new-old project - Pendraken Fantasy Egyptians that will become a Siatic Egyptian army for MeG

I based up the Stargate

Chariotry and generals/mages done, this was quite a job.
The batch

All archers had loincloths and head scarfs fitted, all mummies had their hands drilled and spears fitted. Chariots are actually Elven, and have had their yolks extended.
Red squadron

Blue squadron

It's a smaller squadron as the army only has ten chariot bases.

First stand of foot archers, need to order a lot more and convert them!

A stargate, that will form my army baggage element (thanks to Drew at Studio Bergstrom for this)

What else could I use as my baggage

Either generals or magic users (if I use them for fantasy MeG), two with various Pendraken items added to bases, and one with spare converted archers.

This also reuses my original mummies from the army. Seniority has its privillages!

The army, so far!

Line linfantry update! Ordered some extra 'Pharoahs undead tomb guard' from Leon, and now I have my two units of average Egyptian spears.

The present batch

The four extra stands for my original units, taking them to six stands.

 The new unit, night and Anubis themed. Was two figures short (coz I can't count) but added a casulty figure to fill the gap!

Marching under the desert sun.

All the infantry at the moment

And teh whole army so far, this will expand shortly! Four TuGs done.

Old Glory 10mm Egyptian light cavalry, acting as Medjai*. A gift from a friend as he could not use them.

MeG has a catagory of 'flexible' for troops that can switch between skirmish and formed troops. Here they are deployed as light horse skirmishers.

Deployed as formed

(oh come on, Medjai, they're cool, I looked at the one historical source for fantasy Egyptians, The Mummy [1999], hence the dark grey uniform nature of these guys)

These are a lovely little range, buried in the Pendraken catalogue, so beautiful sculpts.

Slight rebase/additions to the units, ready to annoy serious MeG players as these are going to become a 26th Dynasty list.

Annubis warriors rebased (one base) and five more bases added,

I added the blue war crown and longer cross braces on the chariot.

Eight originals rebased, and eight more added.

Pharoahs Undead Tomb Guard: The blue has not really shown up.


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The foot contingents

The full force, 10 TuGs and 1 SuG, there are also two units of peasants that are amazing that Roger painted previously.

Batch 5, the knights and generals are all done, which finishes the army.

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