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Hasslefree Kickstarter - Frostgrave Warband

This was a Kickstarter Hasslefree ran a while back, I backed it to the tune of half a dozen figures. Most of the choices were rather scantily clad, fortunately, Kev White also decided to sculpt a set of figures that were sensibly wrapped up for the winter - thus brilliant for the idea of Frostgrave

The warband.

I feel I might need some long range missile support.
Warband leader - Necromancer


Barbarian I


 Barbarian II (let's just imagine she has left a warm, sensible cloak somewhere shall we)

So, I decided to add some more bits...

Treasures (the objectives of the game)

My first wandering monsters, bears (I bought these about 8 yeras ago, thinking I might use them as Snow Trolls in Bloodbowl Norse team)

And approaching a warrior

Who says Humans get all the fun in Frostgrave. Dark Hold Goblins, by Rebel Miniatures.

This was a Kickstarter from years back, and now I've bought reinforcements to make these into a warband too.

Jason the Mage, with his familiar,…
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'Eldritch Vampires' for Warband

Eldritch Vampires are an interesting force in Warband from Pendraken, a rock hard Vampire general, and then a whole host of dominated masses called Thralls. Not great fighters, but useful while these chaps sneak a flank...

 Werewolves. A mixture of Pendraken and the big guys are 15mm Rebel Minis from the States (originally bought for a long defunct WW2 project). Fully tooled up, these guys are 92 points a stand, this will be a small but interesting army! Note to self, need more dice frames!

The theme for this army will be wolf based, with these chaps providing a fast, hard punch, brittle, yes, but nasty.  Oh, and here they are in black and white, 'coz all the best horror movies are black and white!    I used to be a werewolf, but I'm alright Nooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww.....

I have already done her serine highness (and Fluffy, her hellhound and an Igor), so now just the 'line' troops to sort.

10mm AWI forces,third batch added!

Painted for the Pendraken painting competition, and to supplement my long neglected AWI forces, Brunswickers,
The aim has always been to play Black Powder with these, originally back in 2011, three of us started the project, one emigrated to the US then moved Bristol (Hi Brian), one never got started (Hi John) so after a few fights with Americans on both sides (often supported by Brian's French), I ended up building forces for both sides of Freeman's Farm from the Black Powder rules by Warlord Games.

The four missing figures!
Not sure how they escaped, but they're finished now!!!

And some more are now added, still trying to get the forces for 'Freeman's Farm' sorted! I originally started these for the painting competition, but did not get them done in time (and I'm still waiting for John to do his share)!

The second latest batch.

Canadians (small unit in Black Powder)

Corps of Marksmen, an ad hoc small unit

Loyalist Infantry (in skirmish, another small unit…