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Bolt Action US Airborne 28mm

A few years ago, this boxed set was left with me as an unclaimed prize after a Milton Keynes Campaign competition. This year, I finally caught up with their owner, and we decided that I could keep the figures. So, as the last, great lockdown project, I decided to build and paint them, add a few command figures and support weapons...
Well, actually, rebulding the kitchen has actually become the last great lockdown project, but hey ho, here are some US Airborne...

1st Squad

2nd Squad


.30cal team

Commanders, medic and RTO (I lost the RTO's hand, so had to graft on a spare)

Bazooka team

60mm mortar team

And always one that escapes...

So, now I've done them, what do I do with them?
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Early Imperial Romans for Si, 10mm Pendraken

Si very kindly asked me to do him two 10mm armies during lockdown. Firstly is a Roman 10mm army from the Trajanic conquest of Dacia.
The two best sources for this are Trajan's cloumn in Rome (or in the V&A Museum, if you know where to look) and late Terry Jones's superlative series and book, 'Barbarians'.
A month later, and now the next batch is done.
Roman Auxilia, shields again by The Baggage Train

1st Auxilia

New focal length is not right yet

Side view

Playing with the new macro lens, still not got the range sorted yet.

2nd Auxilia

A unit of dismounted cavalry made up with spare auxilia


Top view to show troops in loose formation.

4th Legion artillery

The whole batch
Si's list has four legions, 2 superiors, 2 average, some with artillery. All the legions are 'flexible' meaning they can switch between close and loose order.
A few more Romans done (few, meaning 113)
Legio V

Inspired by Messers Goscinny et Uderzo, veterans of Alesia and now the garrision charg…