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Cruel Seas

Mike sent me these to add to my collection. Two more S Boats (Ace of Club and Spades for recognititon) and the Limited Edition Das Boot U96

Escorting her home...

Looks good, the logo is accurate from the series and film! :)

I like these boats.

This month's Wargames Illustrated freebies, Americans and the torpedos that came with the British MTB flotilla.

Finished 6 more MTBs that I received from the amazing Mrs Lemmey for Xmas,

With the original two

And flying the White Ensign

Getting dark...

From contemporary images

A freebie with Wargames Illustrated, great fun to paint.
Bristish Vospers MTBs added,

 Look forwards to using these, and I know two others down the club have them too.
German E-Boats first, an S-100 and an S-38 class.

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First Game of Cruel Seas - Raid at Canaux de Sable

After a couple of weeks delay, John and I got a game of Cruel Seas in today.

John chose his rather beautiful Germans, and I chose to attack. He used 3 S100 class boats and an S38 (nearest). He had to escort a tanker across table. Channelled by a headland and shifting sands, his flotilla spread out to watch for incoming threats.

His fast boats move up with the tanker, carrying vital fuel oil to troops down the coast.

From behind the headland springs Algey with his Vospers MkII, which, sighting an opportunity, unleashes two eels into the brine.

Joined by Evans, who also puts two eels into the deep, between then, their fish will cover all possible angles that the tanker will be in (travelling at full speed at 15 knots, the rusty hulk could only decelerate and dodge via evasive manoeuvres). Algey and Evans deck guns also hose down the  tanker causing the crew to take cover as the wheel man is carried away for emergency care (crew hits need a skill check to see whether the next turn the …

Mortiem et Gloriam - Out Of The Dark Ages, Element Games, Stockport Feb 2018

You know when you are signed up for a competition, and you have no idea what to take? Well, the train to Element Games for a start! Great venue.
The theme was 1070-1500, European Medieval, which ruled out my 'go-to' list of Samurai, so I was left with three choices.
Tudors - dull, never going to win.
White Sheep Turkomen - seriously never going win.
Early Scots - also never going to win.

I went with the Early Scots in the end, as it was an utterly silly list that had no chance of getting anywhere near a win.

Oh how wrong could I be!!
My list: