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10mm MeG, Imperial Romans vs Early Mycenaeans

A trail for both Mark and I, his Mycenaean, in preparation for Warfare, my Imperial Romans ready for London tomorrow!

The battle in full flow.

Mark brought his massive and very pretty Mycenaean as both a war-up for Warfare, but also to test out my latest Roman configuration. If my Romans were shocking, it was a bit late to change them now!

Not giving away my army list, just yet, but will once the fights this weekend are over... Honest, guv!

Very dense terrain, with a forested flank (left, and all our terrain picks fell in the left! This means as there is no space for them , they are lost! (Two villages, a rough hill and a gentle hill should be in there somewhere). This just means Mark with his close order army gets the clear terrain he needed.

I deployed left, bows in the wood, legions and auxilia in a nice, straight line, as 'Barker Intended', with cavalry sitting back behind the line as a buffer. This was before generals needed to be deployed, as Mark with 13 TuGs and 4 SuG…
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15mm Cathars for Roger

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. Hopefully not, I spent ages on these! Roger contacted me and asked me to paint southern French MeG army.He then dropped that they would be the Albigensian Crusade (otherwise known as the Cather Crusade), and then I started to research, this is a lot of fun!  For those of us who love a conspiracy theory, you might remember this screamer!

Batch 5, the knights and generals are all done, which finishes the army.

Enjoy, as I've enjoyed painting them.

The whole batch, the deserter at the top I managed to break the ankles of the horse at the last second, so spent today repairing, pinning and modelling new ankles.

'Eavy metal ready to charge!

Not too bad a job on the ankles

Can you see where he deserted from?

 Rear view

Next set

Another wave

Oops, I have edged that flag since I took this...


Comminges and Beziers command

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