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1809 Austrian Napoleonics in 10mm for Glorie de Guerre

Lockdown conversation with Matt - are we going to playtest the new MeG inspired Napoleonics? Yeah, why not! I thought on this, Matt is doing the Confederation of The Rhine in 10mm, what did I fancy? I already have a MASSIVE 1815 Anglo-Dutch, and an all conquering 1806 Prussians (seriously, one of the worst armies ever), so what to choose? French and Prussian means more Dark Blue, and I need a break from Dark Blue, so I had a look at the Pendraken catalogue , and well... And now, for the Austrian army... Austrains! IR44 Bellegarde (Italian) IR46 Chasteler (German) which finishes Division FML Hohenloe IR3 Erzherzog Karl (German) from the Advanced Guard Division Advancing Top view of all three Thanks again to Michael for the inspiration and facts. Massively inspired by Michael and his amazing 1809 blog, here are my Hungarian contingent of my Austrians. Starting with elements (mostly) from VI Corps 2nd 33rd 39th Skirmishers are a marker really. Consolidated Grenadiers Rear view
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Rebasing 10mm for Si.

 Si asked me to rebase some 10mm for him. about 1000 of them! This was a BIG batch. Republican Romans. Again, I claim no glory from the painting, only the basing. Allied foot in close order. Hastatii & Principes I Triarii I Hastatii & Principes II Hastatii & Principes III Hastatii & Principes IV Bizarrely, only enogh Velities to make four stands! Hastatii & Principes V Trarii II Hastatii and Principes VI Cavalry Allied medium foot Generals   The whole army, that's an A4 try they don't all fit in! Starting with Macedonians Phalanx Companion cavalry Elephants Spears Archers and singers Light horse Generals Whole force