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Sabresquadron 10mm, Battle of Sumpfige Flussüberquerung

Nick and I were facing off again, my GloriousSoviets agaist his brutalCanadians. We were using the great Sabresquadron rules (available from Timecast).  Apologese for non-rotated pictures.

 Tonight's game, which took almost more time to set up than play! All my figures are by Timecast. Nick's Canadian Infantry is from Pendraken Argentine Range, the Vehicles from Butler's Printed Models. Terrain - trees, swamps, rivers, roads and rocks from Timecast, Terrain splats and tokens from Products for Wargames, Hills from The Scene Mat from Loke

My Soviets consisted of:
Command 1 x T-64B plus an ZSU-23-4
3 Tank platoons of 3 x T-64B
Recon Platoon in BMP1Ps
Infantry Platoon with added Grenade Launchers in BMP1Ps
Regimental Battery of 8 122mm Artillery and Observer
Counter Battery on call!

Nick had his Canadians
Command 3 X Leopard 1C
2 x Tank Troops of 4 x Leopard 1C
2 x Infantry platons in M113s
2 x M113 with TOWs
Half section of Artillery.

Both forces came in around 1525 points!

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