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Mortiem et Gloriam 10mm Siatic Egyptian vs 15mm Median


With the time of Covid slowly coming to an end, and bubbles slowly deflating, it was time to catch up with Paul and grab a game of MeG.
Looks like my camera lens was a bit smeared, I didn't check before the game, so some shots will be a bit blurred. Sorry.
Paul very kindly allowed me to pick, and I went for a test run on my Siatic Egyptian (my great lockdown painting project) and he went with his Median Empire. It's biblical man! It's also an almost historic match up as these are some of the latest lists in the Chariot army section. In fact, both have allies that cross over into the Classical section.

Freshly painted, and first time on table, no spoilers but guess the result!
Not often two cards outscouts 5! Black/White 0, Yellow 20, Red 40.

On a fertile coastal plain the armies of Media and Egypt array. My building are my old 15mm Flames terrain, as I'm waiting for my Egyptian themed stuff to arrive. The mighty Nile acts a…
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15mm Siamese for Chris - Khursanan miniatures

A friend has asked me to paint this lot, and they are great fun to do.
The elephants are now done.
I replaced all spear shafts with pins for this lot. The originals were too flexible.

CinC, he is converted to wear armour, base built up and standard (the white xmas tree) built and added.
The important person drive the elephant in Thai armies.

I am really happy with him!

The tree is dismountable for storage.

Deforestation is a pain!

Elephant generals

Generals have two guard escorts

Four elephants

Three more

All seven 'normal' nellies

Heavily converted javelinmen, (shields removed, arms moved, scratch built arquibuses added)

Elephant wedge!

Tree really gets in the way!

Elephants are so bit they don't fit the lightbox!

Hope they're 'Sudyod' for you! They fit nicely into a box too!
Here are the Guards.
A surprisingly difficult batch to photograph...

With the Guard infantry added, they add a much more colourful and regular unit, so a more uniformed appearance.

Read view to show off their …