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Mortal Gods

Footsore recently released this rather fun game, based around 28mm skirmish fighting in ancient Greece. Tried it at Campaign, then got a set for my birthday from Manny and Rob at Boards and Swords.

Turns out Ray also has Mortal Gods! He asked me to paint his stuff, who was I to deny him?

Now Ray's Athenians are done too. Light hoplites

Heay hoplites, the sun was casting some rather amazing shadows.

Adronikos, the Defender of Athens

The whole Lochos

Well, starting out with an army box, and knowing Ray's love of all things Spartan, I had to go with the feared heavywights of the Greek world.

The whole lochos.

Light spartans with their veteran.

I went for a much more uniformed appearence than mine.

The heavies, with their veteran and their leader, Meonas the Harvester

Meonas the Harvester to the fore

Quite like this lot, Athenians next, both mine and Ray's.

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Fantasy Egyptians in 10mm

First force of lockdown an new-old project - Pendraken Fantasy Egyptians that will become a Siatic Egyptian army for MeG

Old Glory 10mm Egyptian light cavalry, acting as Medjai*. A gift from a friend as he could not use them.

MeG has a catagory of 'flexible' for troops that can switch between skirmish and formed troops. Here they are deployed as light horse skirmishers.

Deployed as formed

(oh come on, Medjai, they're cool, I looked at the one historical source for fantasy Egyptians, The Mummy [1999], hence the dark grey uniform nature of these guys)

These are a lovely little range, buried in the Pendraken catalogue, so beautiful sculpts.

Slight rebase/additions to the units, ready to annoy serious MeG players as these are going to become a 26th Dynasty list.

Annubis warriors rebased (one base) and five more bases added,

I added the blue war crown and longer cross braces on the chariot.

Eight originals rebased, and eight more added.

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