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10mm DAK Western Desert force

 I miss my never victorious DAK from Flames of War days, so with the release of the new Pendraken Panzer IIIs I thought it was time to rebuild in 10mm.  9 stands of DAK infantry with added MG34 and Anti-tank rifles Top view to show anti-tank rifles. Battalion assault? Hmm.. FOCUS! Back view Mortars They're in there somewhere! Oh, there they are! PAK36s Two to a base was much better, one just got lost! Come on then Tommy!   Three more panzers completed, a J and 2 F/G/H, two older tanks in emergancy smear, The J in the proper DAK camo colours. Quite like the back view Top view And a ubiquitous Opel Blitz What's it carrying? Maybe the Arc?   Two Sd.Kfz. 222 - nothing says recon quite like it! Must be something out there! Brumbrum... Pootpoot!   Starting with... Panzer IIIF - early in the desert campaign, camo was literally mud slapped onto field grey tanks, so weathering was an issue! Sd.Kfz. 231 8 rad - love these insane vehicles, had to buy more of
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15mm PSC Goths for Adrian.

 Last year Adrian replumbed my house, in return Adrian gave me a few boxes of PSC Goth and Huns to paint.  Think I've got the better end of the deal!  Adrianople anyone?  PSC Goths and Little Big Man shield transfers . Gothic infantry started. First unit Back  view MOB! Second unit Rear view 2 Extra stand (this was where I ran out of bases) Quite a horde! There are 5 more foot units to go!