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28mm Zombies

Well, it had to happen, if I'm playing zombie games, I need zombies...

Where's you're god now!

These are Studio MiniatureZombies, giving me a decent sized horde.

A small horde of the undead

Zombie mime

The proffesor, so valiantly looking for a cure...

Zombie Ray, as both my opponents have Ray in their gangs...

Zombie survivor, still packing her pistol

Zombie Goth/The Ring

Mutant Willow, not technically a zombie, but was a freebie with my order, so I was not complaining, except about her lack of clothing, you'll catch your death...

Recent posts

Nakatomi Plaza 1988 - Militia Miniatures 1980s terrorists range

Militia miniatures awesome 1980s Terrorists range, perfect for Die Hardfans!
Unfortunately, my cameras decided they were not going to do these justice tonight. But enjoy anyway.

Well, I've found a lead character. Officer McClane from Studio Miniatures

The Gang

Anyone look familiar?

Listed in order of death (spoilers)








Yes, I had fun with the shirt details.

Eddie (or that bloke from Huey Lewis and The News)

Hans Gruber
Phil has done an amazing job making him look like the late departed Mr Rickman



The whole gang is awesome, I just need the last two members, and John McClaine...

Ray's Rebased Figures, 15mm MeG units.

Latest units for Ray, 16 Macedonian pike bases rebased (again, I take no credit for the painitng).  Appear to be Essex...

Two more sets of units done for Ray, all in an Ancient Greek theme.
120 Spartans (Ray probably has the other 180 at home)
Lots of spears

Regular red cloaks! 

30 bases of other hoplites

Big Batch done, which finishes the two boxes I was given to work on in November (next box still to do)
Tartar light horse (with a couple of medium cavalry thrown in)
I ended up playing with the shadows today.

Sassanid Light horse

Four stands of billmen