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28mm ECW for Pikemans Lament

A lock down project.

These figures were given to me by Mark sometime during the 00s! A real mix of Foundry, Essex, Redoubt and who knows what else!!

Mort at Leighton Buzzard Wargames Club got me playing, after I won a copy of the rules at Rollcall last year.

24 points of Pikeman's Lament troops.

So, the forces:

My forces are firecly pro-Parliament/independent (maybe)! Led by 'The Lion of the North' Lt James Whalley Esq., they are a rag tag bunch willing to take on all comers.

Proost Devlin Strengthening-Fields' Dragoons, his aim is to have them literate and employable after this unpleasentness is over.

Edmund's Ironsides, elite gallopers and uttely brutal when joined by Whalley himself.

Not sure why Mark - fiercely Royalists until late - had Roundhead heavies...

Baron Barry Bickerdykes Big Blue Bonnetted Boomers  - elite shot unit, verterans of many campaigns.

They found a supply of blue felt and had hats made.

Wupert's (no relation) Long Sticks - originally painted by Mark and highlighted and rejuvinated by me! They will get a banner from Flags of War, when all this unpleasentness is over.

They push the Wheelbarrow of Doom(tm), no one is really sure where it came from, but it appears to bring them luck each time it gets pushed into the fight. It was a random figure in Mark's bucket of figures, so I thought 'why not'!

The WIng and District Gentleman's Highland Dance Association, who have a hero in the front (armoured) and on teh right, their perpetual embarressment of Mad Jock - who tends to drop his trews when the fight starts

Two versions of James Whalley, mounted and on foot, so he can switch units between fights. I just liked the two figures tbh!


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Hausa Project - converted War and Empire Arabs

So, a new project begins,
Hausa Kingdoms.

I have been gifted (very generously, thank you) a War and EmpireKickstarter by the great Bill Wilcox. This was Forged in Battle's phase III Kickstarter, featuring Dark Age armies. After looking at the list for quite a while, I plumped for something out of my usual Anglo-Centric world view.

I went with the Arabs.

People would give their left arm for a War and Empire Arab army by Forged in Battle, they're not even released yet, still on the Kickstarter fulfilment stage. Why trash them and paint them as a less successful army than the obvious choice of the all conquering ArabConquest?

So, why convert an army of Arabs to a series of African Kingdoms? Why?

Well, firstly, I did Arabs, in the 90s, before they were cool!

So, I was looking for something different.

The Hausa are a sub-Saharan African people, famed as horse men from modern Northern Nigeria.

The list in MeG is not that impressive, short spear cavalry, unprotected archers and …

15mm Cathars for Roger

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius. Hopefully not, I spent ages on these! Roger contacted me and asked me to paint southern French MeG army.He then dropped that they would be the Albigensian Crusade (otherwise known as the Cather Crusade), and then I started to research, this is a lot of fun!  For those of us who love a conspiracy theory, you might remember this screamer!

Roger has sent me some shots of the army fully based up.
They look gorgeous!

Knights, sergents and generals Back rank Foix with Catalonia, Front rank Beziers, Toulouse and Comminges

The foot contingents

The full force, 10 TuGs and 1 SuG, there are also two units of peasants that are amazing that Roger painted previously.

Batch 5, the knights and generals are all done, which finishes the army.

Enjoy, as I've enjoyed painting them.

The whole batch, the deserter at the top I managed to break the ankles of the horse at the last second, so spent today repairing, pinning and modelling new ankles.


Mortal Gods

Footsore recently released this rather fun game, based around 28mm skirmish fighting in ancient Greece. Tried it at Campaign, then got a set for my birthday from Manny and Rob at Boards and Swords.

Turns out Ray also has Mortal Gods! He asked me to paint his stuff, who was I to deny him?

Now Ray's Athenians are done too. Light hoplites

Heay hoplites, the sun was casting some rather amazing shadows.

Adronikos, the Defender of Athens

The whole Lochos

Well, starting out with an army box, and knowing Ray's love of all things Spartan, I had to go with the feared heavywights of the Greek world.

The whole lochos.

Light spartans with their veteran.

I went for a much more uniformed appearence than mine.

The heavies, with their veteran and their leader, Meonas the Harvester

Meonas the Harvester to the fore

Quite like this lot, Athenians next, both mine and Ray's.

My Thespian hero, Polykratos of Thespis, Descended from Heroes - a Thespian Lochagos who will be one of my commande…