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Timecast Ponds and streams sections

Had a lovely week away, so these were done before I went away, so here they are, in blue,  Wink
River sections, these have been in the painting pile for ages. Really needed the widening section from smallest to next and the spring.

Ponds, this is basically all the Timecast pond sets, and I love them.

3' wide table, so decent amount of wetness


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Ray's Rebased Figures, 15mm MeG units.

Big Batch done, which finishes the two boxes I was given to work on in November (next box still to do)
Tartar light horse (with a couple of medium cavalry thrown in)
I ended up playing with the shadows today.

Sassanid Light horse

Four stands of billmen

21 nstands of dismounted knight (why 21)!

Found 4 more stands of Saxons and a general that I repainted and rebased for Ray

And 4 stands of Huns got the treatment too! :D I'm unlikey to ever need them again!

5 generals

Cruel Seas

Couple of free S Boats, thanks to my old Friend Rob Thompson (all the way from Poland, no less), thanks mate, really enjoyed doing these!

After my friend John pointed out I had my guns wrong on my MkI Vospers, I bought the Warlord Games British weapons pack add-on. Well worth it. I also bought myself a tanker while visiting Boards and Swords, just because you need a target!

Upgraded Vospers


Top view

Under escourt by a Vospers

Decided my 10 Vospers needed some serious fire support, so I bought a set of Fairmile D Dog Boats
Really nice kit, had a lot of fun putting these together and painting them.

Nick Overland (of Sabresquadron fame) kindly donated his pair of Vospers to me too. Is 10 too much? I think not!

ID numbers on the sternsr as last time, it was getting hard to spot which boat was which! 

10mm Sassanid Persians - Pendraken Miniatures

Finally found a camp set up that suits the army.
Yes, that is Scar, Simba and Mufasa!

A quick look at my Sassanids that are underway
Now with added skirmishers!

Clibinarii, Asvaran and Zhayedan units

The whole Clibinarii unit 

The whole Asvaran and Zhayedan unit

The original stands, finished over new year and posted earlier