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15mm Cathars for Roger

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
Hopefully not, I spent ages on these!
Roger contacted me and asked me to paint southern French MeG army. He then dropped that they would be the Albigensian Crusade (otherwise known as the Cather Crusade), and then I started to research, this is a lot of fun! 
For those of us who love a conspiracy theory, you might remember this screamer!

Roger has sent me some shots of the army fully based up.
They look gorgeous!

Knights, sergents and generals Back rank Foix with Catalonia, Front rank Beziers, Toulouse and Comminges

The foot contingents

The full force, 10 TuGs and 1 SuG, there are also two units of peasants that are amazing that Roger painted previously.

Batch 5, the knights and generals are all done, which finishes the army.

Enjoy, as I've enjoyed painting them.

The whole batch, the deserter at the top I managed to break the ankles of the horse at the last second, so spent today repairing, pinning and modelling new ankles.

'Eavy metal ready to charge!

Not too bad a job on the ankles

Can you see where he deserted from?

 Rear view

Next set

Another wave

Oops, I have edged that flag since I took this...


Comminges and Beziers command

Like these, tw end princesses inspired by Bill & Ted's most chaste princesses (dude).

 Count of Toulouse and Foix.

Next project will be mounted, but different!

Batch 4, remaining Sergeants, Jinettes and a few more knights

Jinettes, hired from the close ally of the Cathars, the King of Aragon, all shields are based on Spanish cities and towns in the area of Aragon so, back rank, L:R Jaca, Ainsa, Benasque, Calaceite, Zaragosa, Aragon, Front line L:R Teruel Huesca, Jaca, Zaragosa, Aragon, and Calaceite

Knights (Foix, Toulouse, Comminges and Beziers)

Bezier Sergeants

It was at this point I started to notice the colour bleed on the standards.




After I noticed the bleed!

 The latest batch from above

Face on batch

Batch three, first set of Sergeants and a few knights.

Okay, added flags, much better.





 Think they need flags

Formed up

Side view, knights closets

Toulouse sergeants

Beziers sergeants with a comrade from Montsegure and Minerve

Shields in detail.


Comminges with Astrac

Knights of the four main houses.

Second batch is done, crossbowmen, one unit is Toulouse based, the other is a mercanary unit

The whole batch

Top view, as most wargamers will get to see them I guess!

Toulouse/Foix in 'house colours', with a few others added.

partly inspired by this image of Genoese Crossbowmen:
Close as I'll get to Genoes:

Anyway, the biggest batch are foot sergents, so after a look at Roger's army list and then a google of notable characters involved in the actions, here are the first three TuGs:

Foix with Montsegure and Minerve

Toulouse, with a little help from Astarac, Beziers Bearn, and Alberet 

Comminges with Beziers, Montsegure, Termes and Tencevel 

The whole gang before the flagging.

Then I decided they needed flags.


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