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Scots reinforcments, Pendraken 10mm

After a lot of soul searching, I have decided to use Early Scots for Out Of The Dark Ages in Stockport this weekend.
These arrived last weekend, so not a bad turn around.
Figures by Pendraken, shield transfers on the Normans and Theigns by Paul at Dracostandard, standards by Mark Carmichael
Painting and basing by... me! ;)

Two units of cavalry, two heavy foot, some skirmishers and 4 generals.

Not a bad batch tbh!

Scots cavalry, a mix of Picts and Late Imperial Romans

Heavy theigns, a mix of Anglo-Saxons, Romans, Early Saxons, Normans and Vikings

Viking skirmishers, to show units with the 'Integral Shooters' skill in MeG

Malcolm III Cranmore

A Viking general, who will be playing the role of Eadgar Aetheling this weekend. 

Two more Scots generals

Norman mercenary heavy cavalry


  1. Very nice. Looking at 10mm myself. What are your base dimensions and number of models to a base? Seems like 4 cav to a base and 10 inf in two ranks?

    1. Thsnk you.
      Infantry are on 40x20mm with 10 to a base as close order loose order I would put 7 or 8.
      Cavalry are 40x30mm with 5 for heavy cavalry and 4 for light horse.


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