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Cruel Seas

A freebie with Wargames Illustrated, great fun to paint.
Bristish Vospers MTBs added,

 Look forwards to using these, and I know two others down the club have them too.
German E-Boats first, an S-100 and an S-38 class.


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Frostgrave Warband, undead added

More treasures, and a skeletal rat that had escaped basing!

An extra wand that I lost from the original batch!

 Skeletal rat

Finally got round to painting my undead for Frostgrave, and another Goblin!

Order of The White Bear, an ancient military order, sworn to defend something, even after death. Unfortunatly, a lack of vocal chords means that asking them what their mission was is rather difficult, and no one gets near enough to ask, or ask and survive long enough to get a translation!

The boss is camera shy!

Rear view of the boss.

A ground burster, ambush is a nasty weapon!

Jason the Apprentice, he may be gifted as a natural magician, but he is also gifted at carrying magic items!

Spare part cache!

Can you out run him?


10mm AWI forces, Brunswickers expanded.

Painted for the Pendraken painting competition, and to supplement my long neglected AWI forces, Brunswickers,
The aim has always been to play Black Powder with these, originally back in 2011, three of us started the project, one emigrated to the US then moved Bristol (Hi Brian), one never got started (Hi John) so after a few fights with Americans on both sides (often supported by Brian's French), I ended up building forces for both sides of Freeman's Farm from the Black Powder rules by Warlord Games.

With this next batch, it finishes all the forces needed for Freeman's Farm, only taken 7 years!
Grenadier Battalion von Breymann

 Note the cords on the mitres helmets, those are sculpted on!

Light Infantry Battalion von Barner

Middle base is a recycled base, hence the different layout.

Friedrich, Baron von Riedesel,

The four missing figures!
Not sure how they escaped, but they're finished now!!!

And some more are now added, still trying to get the forces for 'Freeman&#…

Sabresquadron - Falklands - Battle For Mount Cardin

A fictional Falklands Fight.
Last night's Sabresquadron game. Playing the rules author, Nick. All figures are painted by me from Pendraken's British and Argentines ranges.  Rock outcrops, Roads and Rivers by Timecast, with additional hills and boulders from Products From Wargames, mat by Lotz, photos by Nick.

Bit close that one!
Photos are rare and patchy due to the embedded photographer being under fire (and my phone camera being broken, so Nick had to take some hasty phone snaps)

Argentine Brief
Capitán Pablo Alonso
The British have landed, but not without loss. A carrier and two of their landing craft are sitting at the bottom of the South Atlantic, and their landings are not going well.
After their initial attempt at breaching our defenses and a failed thrust inland, many of our counterattacks have penned them in. Now is our opportunity to strike a blow against the imperialists.

Sit Rep:
As of this morning, a British mortar platoon has been cut off from their lines. You have …